5G Auction Germany: Petition reaches Bundestag

Successful petition against 5G auction in germany (picture: pixabay)Successful petition against 5G auction in germany (picture: pixabay)
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The 5G frequency auction in Germany is definitely not an easy one. After Telefónica, Telekom, United Internet and Vodafone filed one lawsuit after the other, now a new issue has revealed itself. A petition against the 5G auction was filed in the German Bundestag.

About 54,000 people against 5G

The petition was closed after four weeks on April 4 and gathered most of its votes during the last seven days. It was demanded that the 5G auction should be stopped until it can be scientifically assured that there are no health risks from radiation. The petition barely made it into the Bundestag. For a petition to be discussed in the parliament, at least 50,000 citizens must sign it.

Since the 1990s there have been concerns among citizens and experts that microwave radiation can be harmful. Radiation from mobile phones or electro smog come to mind – terms that are usually ridiculed. Actually, there is no clear opinion on the subject and even scientists and medical experts disagree.

But more and more people are joining the sceptics. The 5G network operates in a very high frequency range and the range of the required antennas is much smaller than usually. Therefore, a multiple number of transmitter cells is needed which also increases the radiation.

What will happen now?

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) does not anticipate any dangers for the time being as only frequencies of the existing mobile radio network are being used for now. Nevertheless, it is noted that a higher frequency range will be used in the future whatsoever. BfS President Dr Inge Paulini says: “With the respective expansion steps of 5G it must be examined whether humans are exposed to a higher amount of radiation. In addition, the BfS will investigate possible effects of the new frequency ranges more precisely”.

However, the 5G auction still cannot be prevented by the petition as not even the lawsuits of the telecommunication giants could achieve this. Whether a 5G network causes health risks in any form remains unclear.

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