5G TODAY: Commissioning of the 5G Broadcast Transmission Test Field

5G TODAY test field (graphic: BR)5G TODAY test field (graphic: BR)
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The Bavarian research project “5G TODAY” will start operations of its 5G broadcasting test field on May 9th. The project partners Bayerischer Rundfunk, Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), Telefónica Deutschland, Kathrein and Rohde & Schwarz expect more than 150 participants from the European media and telecommunications industry to attend an exclusive two-day conference dedicated to the commissioning of the test field.

The 5G TODAY project investigates the large-scale transmission of broadcasting programs based on the new 5G broadcast mode. The project aims to provide the foundation for a public service oriented, yet efficient and cost-effective transmission of broadcast content via High Tower High Power (HTHP) transmitter networks in the 5G networks of the future. The Bavarian Research Foundation supports the project since 2017.

The Bavarian State Minister for Media, Dr Florian Herrmann, will launch the commissioning of the Bavarian 5G test network live at the push of a button on Thursday, 9th May 2019 at 8.15 a.m., thus initiating the world’s first test field for 5G broadcast. This will allow the transmission of broadcast signals via 5G to be technologically tested in large parts of Upper Bavaria and the surrounding area of Munich.

Attendees will also include Ulrich Wilhelm, ARD Chairman & CEO of Bayerischer Rundfunk, Anton Kathrein, CEO of Kathrein SE, Peter Riedel, COO of Rohde & Schwarz, Michael Hagemeyer, Managing Director of IRT and Jörg Borm, Spokesman for Telefónica Deutschland.

Additionally, an exhibition of technological innovations from broadcasters, media and telecommunications companies and regional start-ups within the 5G environment will complete the kick-off event.

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