Apple and Qualcomm settle patent dispute: Is the 5G iPhone coming?

Will a 5G iPhone be launched this year? (picture: pixabay)Will a 5G iPhone be launched this year? (picture: pixabay) Online magazin

After people were saying that Apple would be the big loser of the new 5G world, the Californian tech giant Apple itself silenced them – at least for the time being. After months of global patent litigation between Apple and Qualcomm, which presumably also hampered the development of a 5G iPhone, the dispute finally ended on April 16.

Apple accused Qualcomm of charging too high fees for the use of its patents, which is why Qualcomm no longer received any payments. The dispute escalated and in the meantime a ban on the sale of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and iPhone X models was imposed temporarily in Germany.

Peace in terms of 5G

According to the statements of the two companies, all litigation will be dismissed and a new agreement was reached. They both stated that “the companies also have reached a six-year license agreement, effective as of April 1, 2019, including a two-year option to extend, and a multiyear chipset supply agreement”. The price Apple paid for the settlement was not revealed.

To some, the news came as a surprise. However, considering the situation in the tech world, Apple slowly came under pressure. In order to introduce a 5G iPhone to the market, it is necessary for Apple to have a 5G modem for its smartphones. If you look at Intel’s announcement to stop the development of these modems shortly afterwards, Apple’s capitulation makes sense.

5G iPhone not until 2020

After all, Qualcomm is now the only 5G modem manufacturer to be considered from Apple right now. Although neither of them wanted to announce anything official about a 5G iPhone, Qualcomm is now likely to work on an adjusted modem. As new Apple iPhones will be unveiled in September, Experts say there probably won’t be a 5G iPhone this year – leaving us no choice but to wait until 2020.

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