CES and the mystical 5G devices

CES Las Vegas photoThe CES in Las Vegas is one of the most important fairs for consumer electronics
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The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas guarantees excitement for technology lovers. This year, 5G obviously played a special role. Samsung, Huawei, Qualcomm and other companies presented their 5G devices and painted the future in 5G. However, a closer look at the presented technologies shows that we have not reached the 5G era quite yet.

What’s ahead of us

A taste of the Samsung Galaxy S10 was being presented to visitors at the last day of the electronics show. However, the device remained hidden behind a glass display case, as it is not quite finished yet. The message here is: We can do 5G – in theory. But the fact is that the upcoming 5G phones could still look different.

Qualcomm could not introduce a terminal device either. However, their technological lead is undeniable: Possible pre-orders for the Snapdragon 855 microprocessor and the X50 5G modem were pointed out. In addition, Intel was also unable to show any market-ready products but announced that it wanted to be fully present in the market for mobile chips by 2022.

Huawei stayed away from the 5G-theme. After some nations – including the USA – announced to boycott the company and after the current state of the trade conflict between the United States and China, this was probably seen as the only logical step. But even without Huawei, the excitement on future 5G smartphones is omnipresent.

Can 5G save the Smartphone?

According to statistics from the International Data Corporation on worldwide sales of smartphones, the figures have surprisingly declined over the past two years – the market seemed mature. However, the 5G euphoria could cause sales figures to rise significantly by the magical year 2022.

It remains to be seen whether consumers will really jump onto the bandwagon so quickly. However, there is one certainty: 5G is an ingenious marketing strategy and for the time being it will only be that for the consumer. After all, there are so far only prototypes that enchant us.

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