Ericsson forecasts rapid 5G growth

Ericsson Mobility Report on rapid 5G growth (picture: pixabay)Ericsson Mobility Report on rapid 5G growth (picture: pixabay) Online magazin

So far, 2019 did not disappoint regarding the 5G development. The first 5G smartphones from Huawei, Samsung and others are now available and telecommunications providers are currently launching their 5G services. The development is obviously not progressing equally as fast everywhere around the world. Nevertheless, Ericsson forecasts an even faster growth than previously expected.

The Swedish telecom-equipment maker published their newest Mobility Report on June 11th, which provides projections on current traffic and market trends. By the end of 2024, almost half of the world’ s population will have access to 5G networks. It is expected that 1.9 billion people will be subscribed to 5G networks. Thereby, 35 percent of the global mobile traffic will be carried by 5G networks.

“5G is definitely taking off at a rapid pace. This reflects the service providers’ and consumers’ enthusiasm for the technology”, says Fredrik Jejdling, Ericsson’s Executive Vice President and Head of Networks. With the launch of the first 5G devices, the providers are now switching to 5G. The coverage could even increase from 45 to 65 percent, as spectrum sharing technology enables 5G applications on LTE frequency bands.

The number of 5G mobile subscriptions in North America is expected to grow fastest by up to 63 percent in 2024. North East Asia follows in second place with 47 percent and Europe in third place with 40 percent. “However, the full benefits of 5G can only be reaped with the establishment of a solid ecosystem in which technology, regulatory, security and industry partners all have a part to play”, explains Jejdling further. Germany already has its problems there.

The six billion euro auction

Vodafone, Telefónica, 1&1 and Telekom have been bidding on 5G frequencies for the past 13 weeks and over six billion Euros have been drawn together. Yesterday, on June 12th, the news finally broke through – the auction came to an end. With a final sum of 6.6 billion euros, the Federal Network Agency is pleased. But now this exact money is missing for the expansion of the 5G network for antennas and transmitters. Germany is threatening to lose its leading position in the coming 5G Age. A solid 5g ecosystem will still take some time in Germany.

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