Huawei takes on Europe

Huawei in the Netherlands and Monaco (picture: pixabay) Online magazin

Slowly but surely 5G has arrived in Europe. Some Europeans already have the possibility to subscribe to a 5G mobile phone contract – provided you have the appropriate device. Even the last countries have ended their 5G auctions and are paving their way to 5G networks. The only question is: Who will provide the technology? You probably already know the answer – it’s Huawei.

The Netherlands tried to fight it

Originally, the Dutch decided not to use the technical equipment produced by the Chinese company. But like many other countries, the Netherlands had to face reality. Anyone who wants to build a 5G network fast and cheap will ultimately have to choose Huawei. “We welcome the fact-based and nuanced approach of the Dutch government”, Huawei said in a statement.

Furthermore, Huawei replies to the scepticism of the Dutch “We are aware of the concerns that live in society regarding cybersecurity. Security threats do not come from suppliers of telecom equipment, but from parties that have a different purpose and exploit vulnerabilities. […] Collaboration between all relevant parties in the IT sector is therefore crucial to address cyber security challenges. […] Huawei is in favour of this European approach.”

Looks like the so-called ban is history.

Monaco: The world’s first fully 5G country

In addition, Huawei can include the city-state of Monaco on the French Riviera in its portfolio. Thanks to the company, Monaco can now call itself the first country in the world to have a nationwide 5G network. Admittedly, this is not too difficult to achieve looking at Monaco’s size.

“We are particularly pleased that Huawei continues to choose Monaco to deploy its latest technologies. […] It is very important to be able to rely on our major partners to succeed at this stage and offer high-performance services to residents, to businesses, and to Government services”, said Martin Péronnet, General Manager of Monaco Telecom, the only mobile operator in Monaco, about the deal.

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