Huawei the 5G-Boogeyman

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Every good story needs a monster – including the 5G success story. As we reported last year, the United States and Australia have banned the Chinese company Huawei from their future 5G infrastructure. But it is no longer just the Americans and Australians who are afraid of possible Chinese espionage.

Who is following the spell?

The New Zealand secret service also forbids cooperation with Huawei. The same goes for the mobile phone provider Spark. The use of Huawei technology would entail “significant national security risks”, according to a press release of the provider.

The Polish government also wants to ban Huawei from their 5G equipment. After a Huawei employee and a former Polish security officer were arrested in Poland at the beginning of January, it was only a matter of time before the American calls of a ban would be followed.

Huawei denies the espionage allegations and assures not to have any malicious ulterior motives. “We are part of the solution, not part of the problem. Huawei has never been asked by any government to build any backdoors or interrupt any networks, and we would never tolerate such behavior by any of our staff”, said Huawei in a statement.

The German government is now re-examining the exclusion of the telecommunications equipment supplier, even though it was only declared in October that a Huawei ban would not be implemented. It is rather unlikely that the Chinese company will be banned, but stricter guidelines are on their way.

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