Huawei under pressure in Canada, USA and Australia

5G Canada HuaweiHuawei could be banned from G5 implementations in the region Ontario and other cities in Canada Online magazin

Two Members of the U.S.Senate select intelligence committee have written Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urging him to ban Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei from Canada’s next-generation 5G mobile network. They believe that the chinese firm is a significant security risk.

The senators want Canada to follow initiatives by the USA and Australia. Both countries are blocking Huawei from technology equipment that will connect smartphones to the internet and telephone network. Allowing Huawei into Canada’s next era of wireless infrastructure could interfere with intelligence sharing between key allies and endanger cross-border co-operation in telecommunications between U.S. and Canadian firms, the US senate members argue.

Australia had banned ZTE, Huawei and other chinese suppliers from national 5G network developments in August, following US initiatives in July. Huawei is now concentrating on the European markets.

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  1. let’s hope that they will not be banned in Europe as well

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