Launch of 5G Networks in Spain – with Huawei Technology

5G Huawei network photoHuawei is blacklisted in the US - but takes part in building up Spanish 5G networks (picture: pixabay) Online magazin

Spain plans to launch 5G networks in 15 Spanish cities within this June. For their commercial 5G networks, Spain – which would be the second European country after Britain to have comprehensive 5G networks – relies on the Chinese technology supplier Huawei. Although excluded from building 5G networks in the US, Australia and Canada, Huawei continues to believe in cooperation with Germany and other European countries.

Due to their experience and technical expertise, the Huawei group can play an important role in the launch of the super-fast 5G networks. Vodafone España, in cooperation with the Chinese company, just announced the launch of 5G networks in 15 cities across the country on June 15th. Antonio Coimbra, president of the mobile operator, explained that in addition to Huawei, the Swedish company Ericsson will also provide hardware for the data network.

5G for industrial applications

Spain would be one of the first countries in Europe with a commercial 5G network. In Germany for example, an auction for suitable 5G frequencies is still going on. The adequate allocation of frequencies is a very important prerequisite for installing a 5G network. Currently, only a few models of 5G smartphones exist. However, it is assumed that the technology will initially be of interest primarily for industrial applications such as networked machines.

Huawei is a leading supplier of mobile networks in Europe and other countries and is also the second largest smartphone provider in the world. In mid-May, the American government under President Donald Trump put the Chinese telecom giant on a blacklist of companies whose business relationships with American partners are subject to strict controls. Washington fears that Huawei could spy for Beijing and is also putting pressure on other Western countries not to use Huawei technology in the 5G expansion. The company rejects the allegations.

Huawei also expects cooperation in Germany

At the same time, David Wang, senior manager of Huawei in Germany confirmed that his company assumes a cooperation with German providers in the construction of upcoming 5G networks. “We are currently supplying network elements for the expansion of the LTE networks of Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone Deutschland and Telefónica Deutschland,” said the Huawei manager. “We expect to work closely with these three companies on the construction of the future 5G networks as well.” Huawei also wants to meet the expected security requirements for 5G suppliers. “There has never been proof that we use built-in backdoors in our software,” Wang stressed.

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