T-Mobile announces remarkable 5G plans for the US

5G network US New York PhotoT-Mobile US plans a massive 5G launch and announces new nationwide initiatives (Picture: pixabay)
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The US telecommunications provider T-Mobile recently announced plans to light up a nationwide 5G network on December 6th. Together with a 40 billion Dollar investment in the 5G network, the proceeding merger of T-Mobile and Sprint should lay the foundation for a new massive T-Mobile network.

If the merger closes as expected in 2020, the new services are projected to deliver 14 times more network capacity than today’s standalone T-Mobile services. T-Mobile states that the combined T-Mobile and Sprint services therefore will have capacity to deliver breakthrough connectivity initiatives to millions.

5G will be available for millions of Americans

The currently announced plans to lay a foundation for the transformational New T-Mobile 5G network will be part of these initiatives. In a press release, T-Mobile stated that the company will light up nationwide 5G on December 6th, covering more than 200 million Americans and more than 5,000 cities and towns across the country including millions in rural America.

Customers will be able to tap into the new T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G network using smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G or OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren. Both phones will also be able to tap into Sprint’s mid-band 5G spectrum within the new T-Mobile network in 2020.

New initiatives will follow the 5G launch

“We’re building a 5G network that will allow us to deliver future New T-Mobile moves that are going to be so massive we couldn’t wait to share the first few”, said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile. The moves that T-Mobile plans to implement after a successful merger with Sprint include free access to internet and mobile data for first responders and 10 million still unconnected households and the introduction of a 15-Dollar T-Mobile plan.

Legere stressed that the radically better 5G network can do good for the country with these initiatives. “It’s time for another wave of change and the New T-Mobile will be at the forefront of that!”, said the CEO of T-Mobile. He continued: “With the 5G network the New T-Mobile is set to build, we’ll be able to ease the burden of tight budgets for all of our nation’s first responders through our Connecting Heroes Initiative, give millions of our nation’s kids the access to fast, affordable and convenient internet that they deserve through our Project 10Million and deliver more for less through the lowest priced T-Mobile plan we’ve ever had — T-Mobile Connect. We are ready to do this and hoping this deal will close so we can get to work!”

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