T-Mobile US wants to start with 5G for prepaid customers next year

Prepaid SIM PhotoFor customers in the US, 5G will probably available next year, according to plans of T-Mobile US.
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Whereas in Germany the commercial 5G launch is scheduled for 2020, there will be already in 2019 5G prepaid offers in the United States. Provider is the American subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

The American mobile subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile US, has given its secondary brand a new name. The provider Metro PCS, formerly an independent mobile network operator, is now called Metro by T-Mobile. This should make the connection to the Telekom subsidiary even clearer.

Together with the presentation of the changed brand identity, big plans for the future were announced: For example, a prepaid offer for the new 5G cellular standard will be introduced next year, as Engadget reports. For comparison, Telekom CEO Tim Höttges has announced the commercial launch of 5G only for the year 2020 in Germany.
There is no information yet, which customers will be able to use the new network standard at which exact point. LTE was first introduced only with great time delays for prepaid card owners and is still not available for many users of discounter SIM cards. Therefore, it is very doubtful that prepaid customers in Germany will soon be able to surf the Internet via 5G.

No bargains available

However, unlike many German discounters, Metro by T-Mobile does not offer any bargain tariffs. For $ 50 a month, which are after all around 43 euros, customers get a voice and SMS flat rate and unlimited Internet use with the smartphone (with the restriction of a lower priority from a consumption of 35 GB in each billing period).

The data flat applies only to the mobile phone itself. For tethering a maximum of 5 GB data volume per month is provided. The price also includes 100 GB of online storage space for Google One, the successor to Google Drive already launched in the US. Customers who pay $ 10 more per month get 15GB of tethering volume. In addition, the monthly price includes Amazon Prime membership.
So far, T-Mobile US did not offer any information, whether the tariffs for the future 5G offer will be adjusted or whether today’s pricing models are simply released in the coming year for the new network standard.

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