Volvo Cars and China Unicom enter into partnership

Volvo and China Unicom work togetherVolvo Cars and China Unicom collaborate on 5G communication technology development in China (Picture: Volvo) Online magazin

Volvo Cars and Chinese telecommunications provider China Unicom announced that they intend to work closely together to advance research and development of 5G applications for communication between vehicles and infrastructure in China. Based on the 5G wireless standard, Volvo Cars and China Unicom plan to research, develop and test various automotive applications and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) transport networking for the Chinese market. With the ability to transmit data to the car faster and with lower latency, 5G will enable new applications in road traffic.

Aim of the cooperation

Specifically, the new partners are investigating and testing a number of different applications of 5G technology in communication between vehicles and infrastructure. The aim is to enable improvements in areas such as safety, sustainability, customer comfort and autonomous driving.

“Volvo has been a leader in realising the potential of connecting our cars to enable new features and services such as detecting and sharing locations of slippery roads between vehicles,” underlines Henrik Green, chief technology officer at Volvo Cars. Another example is the communication with traffic lights in order to achieve optimal speed and create a “green wave” or to increase safety at exits and entrances to and from motorways.

“With 5G, the network performance is improving to allow for many more real-time critical services that can help the driver be safer and get a smoother and more enjoyable ride. We look forward to collaborating with China Unicom on developing those services for the Chinese market”, says Henrik Green.

China is rapidly expanding 5G

As we reported, China is currently investing massively in the expansion of 5G. By the end of October 2019, 86,000 5G base stations had already been put into operation in 50 cities across the country. In addition, the three major Chinese telecommunications companies, including China Unicom, are offering the first 5G tariffs for end customers. Through the cooperation with Volvo Cars, 5G is now to be introduced into road traffic.

Liang Baojun, vice president of China Unicom Group, affirms: “As an innovation leader in the 5G area, China Unicom is committed to create new information infrastructure and solutions in the area of intelligent Internet connection with the best experience to the users. 5G will fully enable the development of automatic driving, improve the safety of driving and bring a new experience by building a collaborative service system of ’people, vehicles, roadway, network and cloud‘.

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