Huawei and Samsung to present 5G ready smartphones in 2019

Huawei 5G smartphone samsungHuawei has announced its first 5G-ready smartphone, Samsung to follow Online magazin

Huawei has recently confirmed rumours that they will introduce a 5G-ready smartphone by mid of 2019. This development will also be the first “foldable” smartphone to enter the worldwide consumer market. During an event in Tianjin, China Huawei deputy chairman Ken Hu confirmed that its first 5G smartphone will be released by mid-2019. According to Huawei the device will also be equipped with a foldable display.

Samsung has also announced a 5G-ready version of its new smartphone generation “Galaxy 10” to be presented at the Mobile World Conference 2019 in Barcelona. It looks like next year will be a major break-trhough in 5G-ready consumer devices (smartphones).

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